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Raw Rejuvenation

Summer 2017

If you want to feel your absolute best EVER, incorporating more delicious nourishing raw foods into your diet is the way to go, especially in the summer. This is not about carrot and celery sticks… This is about trying out a whole new way of eating and preparing food that is sure to delight and energize you! This summer, we are inviting you to join us for Raw Rejuvenation! You can start any time, and add it into your dietary repertoire however it fits into your life. Once you sign up, you’ll receive our educational and motivational eBook that describes the benefits of raw foods, our experience with raw foods, and many absolutely delicious and satisfying recipes that you’ll return to again and again. You can also join our private Facebook group to connect with us and others getting rejuvenated raw style. If you have any questions, please email us at info@urcleansing.com.

Creating Balance and Meaning – A Women’s Wellness Event

Friday, June 9, 2017 | 7:00 – 10:00 PM

First Parish Parlor Hall | 20 Lexington Rd, Concord, Massachusetts 01742

This special workshop will look at how we, as women, can maintain our sense of balance, hope and purpose in the midst of everything that is happening in the world today.For more information or to register to attend, go to engageyourcore.net.

At the end of this Workshop you will:

  • Have a greater sense of freedom and clarity of purpose and goals
  • Understand how to create more focus and balanceFeel less burdened in your daily life
  • Know why self-care will improve your life and the lives of those you love…and how to make it happen
  • Have more time in your life for what is the most meaningful and fulfilling right now
  • Be equipped with practical, unburdensome tools for “real life” that will promote purpose, balance and nourishment – physically, mentally and spiritually


  • Amy Smalarz, PhD – women’s empowerment coach, Certified High Performance Coach, author of Living Intentionally: How to Bring Balance to You and Your Family, host of Podcast, Living Intentionally with Amy Smalarz.
  • Paula Grieco – a former Start-Up Tech Executive turned social entrepreneur, activist, career strategist and author of two books: Take 5 for Your Dreams for teen girls and Reclaim Your Dreams for Busy Women. She is co-Founder and Creator of the What’s Your Brave and The Reclaim Your Dreams Project for busy women, and The Brave Core Program for teen girls.
  • Dena Caradimitropoulo – graduate candidate for the Masters of Nutrition Science and Policy at the Tuft’s University Friedman School of Nutrition, licensed nutrition and wellness counselor who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, Food Over Medicine and Women’s Health certified instructor from the Wellness Forum, and Juice Plus+ educator.
  • Lisa Mair – certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, certified 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition, co-founder of The Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse.

Synchronize with Summer

Saturday, June 17, 2017 | 9:00 – 11:30 AM

BareSoleYoga Studio | 581 Rutland Street, Carlisle, MA 01741 | (978) 369-7522

Join Charlotte Ott and Emmie Stamell for a three-part Ayurveda discovery. Ayurveda considers synchronizing our lifestyle and diet with the season imperative to optimal mental and physical health. As the elements in nature change with the seasons there are beneficial changes you can incorporate to align yourself and create more ease and less dis-ease.

A physical practice of yoga, breath work and relaxation designed specifically for bringing balance to the season will be offered. We will explain and demonstrate daily lifestyle practices. You will leave with tools that you can implement immediately into your daily life. We will conclude with a discussion of diet and how food can be medicine or poison.

This three-part series illuminates principles for Spring, Fall, and Winter. Each will be offered as individual workshops, or as a package for the whole series. Dates are 4/8, 6/17, 9/23. $40 for individual workshops or $100 for series. To register, click here.

In this Summer/Pitta workshop, we will:

 Review your dosha quiz with the group and gain insights into your unique constitution, compare to prior quizzes if applicable.

    • Discuss symptoms of pitta dosha imbalance and learn how to restore balance with specific diet, lifestyle, and relaxation techniques.
    • Practice yoga, breathwork, and relaxation to enhance summer well being.
    • Learn how imbalance in one season can carry over into the next season, highlighting the need to stay balanced season to season.
    • Discover herbs and seasonal eating to nourish and energize.
    • Find out how to transition between seasons.
    • Daily routine to promote health and positive life style choices.