Breath Techniques for Energy, Calm, and Clarity

There is an ancient proverb that says, “He who half breathes, half lives.” One of my yoga students took the concept a little further and said, “He who doesn’t breathe, doesn’t live.” While we obviously need to keep that in mind (lol), the main problem is that most of us are shallow breathers. Breathing rapidly into the top part of your lungs is a result of stress and also creates more stress hormones in a negative feedback loop. As we know, stress is damaging to the body, drains our energy, and steals our joy. To feel relaxed and energized, as much as you can, breath deeply and fully, right down into your belly. You know, like you did when you were a baby. Babies are little yogis who can teach us a thing or two!

There are also numerous breath exercises that help bring about peace, calm, energy, clarity of mind, and more. If there is a state you want to achieve, there is a breath technique that will help get you there. Below are links to a few of our most common yogic breath exercises with a summary of the benefits, the “how to”, and a minute or two of practice. A daily breathing practice will help keep you relaxed, your energy stable, and your mind clear. You can also use these in times of need, when you need an infusion of energy, clarity, or calm.

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