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Gifts That Show How Much You Care

So many of the gifts we default to giving end up being just more stuff that that clutters already over crowded closets and cabinets or unhealthy “treats” that end up making our loved ones feel poorly. After helping my mother clean out her packed, moldy basement this fall, I’m feeling especially anti-stuff and endeavor to give gifts that are useful, experiential, and/or enhance wellness. Here’s a list of my best ideas. (This is an honest sharing – I’m not getting any kickbacks.)

  • Help them stay healthy… I got the Hamama sprouting kit for my own mama (and myself, to be perfectly honest). It’s an attractive kit that allows you to grow microgreens all year round in your own kitchen. Microgreens, especially from broccoli, are insanely good for you – helping to balance hormones, detoxify, reduce cancer risk, and more. Check it out!
  • Help them stay beautiful. I am absolutely loving Biossance squalane (made from amaranth) and Ann Marie Gianni’s anti aging serum. I can’t believe how soft they make my skin. This hyaluronic acid is meant to be ingested, but putting it on your skin plumps it up and helps it create collagen. Whole Foods has wonderful bulk soaps that are chemical free and smell like heaven – I especially love the lemongrass one.
  • Help them eat more plant based. The Buddhist Chef has wonderful plant based recipes that are easy to make and always delicious.
  • Improve health and lose weight with Dr Greger’s newly released How Not to Diet. This is a geek’s paradise of evidence based weight loss strategies.
  • Help them sleep soundly and relax with the amazing heavy blanket.There are many options available in terms of size, fill, and optional duvet cover. I recommend the glass bead fill.
  • Aromatherapy with candles… I highly recommend Way out Wax. They smell divine, and won’t poison your loved ones with toxic, synthetic fragrances.
  • Instead of boxes of disease-promoting treats, I love goodie bags with superfoods that you can even order right from Amazon – including things like raw cacao, turmeric, green powder, hemp seeds, coconut cookies that satisfy the sweet tooth but also fill you up, CCF tea which supports digestion, weight loss, and detoxification, sprouted organic oats, healthy, organic, dark chocolate, great organic green tea, goji berries to flavor your green tea and boost your antioxidants…
  • Help your loved ones detoxify their kitchens by gifting them a glass water bottle, better cookware like Green Pan (lower price) or Scan Pan (higher price), glass food storage containers, or reusable stretchy bowl covers.
  • A show, movie, massage, or gift card to a healthy restaurant.
  • Last but not least, gift them the Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse, where they will learn how to nourish and take care of their precious body, to improve health and lose weight the real, lasting way, and enjoy every step of the way!

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It’s Moms’ Turn

When my kids were little, I used to envy the freedom that moms with older kids had. They could just go out anytime without worrying about babysitters, meals, rides, or guilt. Oh to be so free! But now that I’m in that position, I envy the moms with little ones.

Maybe I just have a jealously problem.

But it feels bittersweet reflecting on those simpler days that were so full of hugs and precious moments. Although we celebrate our kids going out into the world and building their own wonderful lives, it’s a transitional time for moms in every way – emotionally, mentally, physically, and even logistically.

It’s transitional for sure, but we can also make it transformational.  

Lighter mommy duties usually correspond with fewer hormones that make you want to coddle everyone and everything at the expense of your own needs, as Dr Christiane Northrup explains so well in The Wisdom of Menopause. This is a time when you can rediscover yourself, your passions, and commit more than ever before to your life’s mission. That is certainly what I’m doing with my work in nutrition, wellness, and yoga and it’s so fulfilling!

If your body feels the effects of long term neglect, know that the body has an amazing ability to heal and repair when supplied with nourishment and a healing environment. It’s time to feed and care for yourself with the tender loving care you gave everyone else.

If you feel that now is the time, I invite you to join our Spring Cleanse that begins gently today (no food changes the first week so no worries or stress)! If you’re a mom, or have a mom, please enjoy 10% off with promo code WELOVEMOMS. Register here. (Cleanse graduates enjoy their usual discount. If you don’t have the grad code, email me at and I’ll send it right over.) 

Shout out to my Mom

I think the reason I’m so committed to nutrition and health is because of the example my own mom set as we were growing up. We loved it when she prepared salad bars for dinner with blueberry tofu parfaits for dessert. She was into natural health, and had great success with some of Adele Davis’ vitamin regimens. We weren’t always thrilled with her healthy ways, especially when we couldn’t eat sweetened cereal or chew gum. One time I was so desperate to try gum, I actually chewed a piece off of the sidewalk that my neighbor spit out. (Unfortunately, that is not an April Fool’s joke.) She also ran and danced, and even now in her 70’s, is planning to go out rollerblading. Thank you Mom for setting me on this path – you’re my inspiration!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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I bet you never heard THIS productivity secret!

There’s so much excellent wisdom about increasing productivity that you could get seriously behind in your work researching the many ways to be productive. The books, blog posts, and TED Talks are shiny objects that I cannot resist. However, despite all the time I’ve spent unlocking the secrets to my productivity, I can’t say any of of the techniques became my permanent M.O. I suspect I’m not alone in that.

I do however have a pretty awesome productivity secret of my own that my clients and I have discovered along the way. It’s a little different because it’s not about setting up systems, planning, or scheduling. It’s more about removing what is blocking your mental clarity, energy, and motivation. From your dinner plate.

It’s gluten.

Surprised? If I had a dime for every client that has been truly astounded at how much more mental clarity and energy they gained by removing gluten from their diet, I’d be able to make a long distance call from a payphone. If I could find one. Here’s what one client said after being gluten free for about a month, “I got done in one hour what used to take me all day. The mental fog is totally gone.” Other clients (myself included) noticed how much less we procrastinate. Getting things done doesn’t feel like such a slog. There is more ease and less resistance. So your work gets done more efficiently, and more effectively as well.

I can’t help thinking… if going gluten free can make that much of a difference in productivity for one person, imagine if a whole company did it? Whoa.

Millions of us suffer from what is called “non-Celiac gluten sensitivity”. That’s when the proteins in gluten don’t necessarily cause digestive distress, but they do make you physically fatigued, mentally lethargic, and struggling with motivation. There is a whole spectrum of other conditions that glutlen sensitivity can lead to as well, from annoying to debilitating.

If you’re suffering from low energy and mental fog, try removing gluten from your diet for a few weeks and see what happens. Odds are you’re going to start feeling a lot better and getting your work done like a boss. Without blood, sweat, or even coffee.

Going gluten free might seem daunting at first because gluten is omnipresent in our diets. But it’s really not that difficult once you learn a few tricks. Restaurants are getting on the bandwagon and offering more and more gluten free options.

Do yourself a favor by doing it the right way. Swap all that bread and pasta for nutrient dense whole grains like quinoa, brown or black rice, and other whole food starches like sweet potatoes, not highly processed gluten free white bread and pasta. We want you to get healthier too, not just more productive.

And now a word from our sponsor… In my cleanse, I can show you how to go gluten free (and test for other common food sensitivities), significantly upgrade your nutrition, and get you taking better care of yourself than ever before. When you do that, your vitality, mood, and productivity skyrockets!

Now back to work!

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Confused by the Coconut Conundrum?

Like millions of other coconut lovers, you may feel utterly confused about recent media coverage of coconut oil. For some years now, it’s been revered as a skin saving, metabolism boosting, brain building, teeth whitening, virus killing, hair conditioning, fountain of youth and health. But in the last few weeks, we’ve seen respectable news sources telling us that coconut oil is not in fact good for us, and not only that, but it never was. They said it’s full of saturated fat and raises your bad (LDL) cholesterol! Before you pull out your well conditioned hair or grind your pearly white teeth, let’s discuss.

Having studied this for a few decades now, the one thing I can say with complete certainty is that with regard to human nutrition, things are always infinitely more complex than they appear on the surface. Even things that everyone seemed to agree on, like saturated fat and LDL cholesterol. As it turns out, not all saturated fat or LDL cholesterol is bad.

There are multiple forms of saturated fat – some are long molecules, some are short, and some are just right. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides, which has been shown to boost metabolism, enhance fat burning, reduce appetite, improve digestion, create energy, boost endurance, bolster brain function, benefit hormone levels, improve cardiovascular health, and like all fats, help absorb fat soluble nutrients. So, some forms of saturated fat are beneficial. Also, not all LDL is bad. There are “fluffy” forms that appear not to be harmful, unlike the smaller, denser form of LDL, which is actually the damaging form. Research has shown us that coconut oil raises the unharmful, fluffy form of LDL.

Dr Mark Hyman reports, “Studies show saturated fat raises LDL (your so-called “bad” cholesterol) but it improves the quality of the LDL and increases its size making it less likely to promote heart disease. It also raises HDL (“good” cholesterol). On the other hand, sugar lowers HDL. Ultimately, the ratio of total to LDL cholesterol and particle number and size are a far bigger predictor of heart attacks than LDL itself.”

The fact that coconut oil is mostly saturated fat makes it a better oil to cook with than other oils. When you expose unsaturated oils to heat, the bonds break down and they form a highly destructive oxygen species called “free radicals”. Free radicals cause oxidation, which results in accelerated aging, break down of cells and tissues, inflammation, and chronic disease. This is exactly why we need antioxidants. So you will expose yourself to fewer free radicals when cooking with a stable, saturated coconut oil than even olive oil.

What trends do we see in people who routinely eat coconut oil? Well, traditional populations have been consuming coconut oils for centuries without any adverse effects. In fact, the 1978 Demographic Yearbook of the UN reported that the death rate due to ischemic heart disease in Sri Lanka was 1 in a million. Other countries reported much higher numbers, between 38 and 188. Guess what dietary oil Sri Lankans eat the most of… You guessed it! Coconut oil.

With all of this evidence of the benefits of coconut oil, we may be left wondering why the American Heart Association would have recommended that we avoid coconut oil. Let’s first consider their track record. They not only recommended for years that we consume margarine, until the FDA actually banned it, but they are currently recommending foods that are shown without a doubt to be harmful to human health, like foods loaded with sugar, inflammatory, highly processed omega 6 oils, and carcinogenic deli meats (also full of saturated fat). They even put their seal of approval on Lucky Charms. Can we really trust anyone that encourages us to buy Lucky Charms?

The authors of the AHA report rake in millions of dollars from canola oil companies, the beef association, drug companies, and the big food companies bringing us all these unhealthy, processed foods. The AHA is unfortunately not doing the job they have been tasked to do – protect the cardiovascular health of Americans. Could their funding be influencing their recommendations? Share your thoughts below!

One finer point we should discuss is that oil (no matter what type) is not a “whole food”, meaning that it was extracted from a food, and is missing the fiber, protein, carbohydrates, etc. Our goal should always be to make our diets more “whole” – focusing on foods the way nature provides them, with nothing artificially added or removed. When you eat primarily whole foods, you don’t have to worry so much about getting enough of this or that, or too much of this or that. For this reason, oil in general should be minimized. But when you do use an oil to create your many fabulous recipes, enjoy coconut oil knowing that it is one of the best choices available.

Also, coconut oil is a wonderful beauty product. You can use it:

  • As a deep conditioning treatment. Just rub a teaspoon or so into your hair and let it soak in for an hour or more. Wash well.
  • As a skin conditioner. Using it as a lotion/cream makes your skin feel so velvety. It also provides a little sun protection! I use it primarily on my body. It is a little heavy for my facial skin. See where it works for you!
  • As a teeth whitener. In the morning, let a couple teaspoons of coconut oil melt in your mouth. Then swish it around for 5 – 20 minutes, as you take care of your morning cleaning up. Spit it out in the trash, not the skink, since it can clog the sink over time. After a couple weeks of doing this daily, you will notice whiter teeth. It also is good for dental health.
  • As an eye makeup remover. Smooth a little bit on your eyelashes and gently wipe off with a tissue. Rinse with water, and gently wipe again.

This is Water – Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life by David Foster Wallace

A perfect book for graduation season, and every other season, is “This is Water” – David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech at Kenyon College. After you read it, you’ll probably read it again, buy it for others, and search out everything you can about the author. Yeah, it’s that good.

My take home perspective-shift from “This is Water” is very yogic. Wallace writes:

It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience.”

In our day to day interactions, most of us are unwittingly on autopilot. Our mental, physical, and verbal responses to events are often knee-jerk and subconscious, and tend to be slightly negative. When we get cut off in traffic, we can choose to be angry, insulted, and  say “What an idiot!” Or we can choose to be open to the possibility that the driver might have been rushing to the hospital for a loved one. Maybe this driver is a good person who deserves our compassion.

Whatever is true of that particular driver in that particular traffic insult doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the way we choose to see the world and how we choose to react. Getting in the habit of thinking in a more compassionate, understanding, and connected way changes our lives for the better. We start to feel more peaceful and loving, which then changes the way we interact with others. This has infinite ripple effects.











Are We Having Fun Yet?

Despite initial complaints about the exorbitant price, the best money I spent in the recent past were tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld and then Steve Martin/Martin Short with a group of friends. Tears streaming down our faces, we laughed hysterically for the entire length of both shows. Walking out of the show, we all felt lighter, more radiant, connected, and enjoyed a dramatically improved sense of well being. Even though months have passed since the last show, I can call up that feeling any time I reminisce about the show.

I regularly turn to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Success poem when I need to remind myself of what’s important. Although the entire poem is full of timeless wisdom and guidance, the first line is perhaps the easiest and most accessible on a daily basis; To laugh often and much.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

Despite engendering that delicious sense of joy, laughter not surprisingly has excellent effects on your overall health! It is considered a mild workout which oxygenates your entire body, burns a few calories, and tones your abdominals. It might not give you buns of steel, but laughter provides many of the benefits of regular exercise.

As you continue to laugh, your heart rate increases (perhaps more effectively than regular exercise), your circulation improves, inflammation goes down, pain decreases, immunity improves via increased killer T cell activity, and blood sugar improves. Your mind even benefits through better memory, increased endorphins, and less stress.

Unless you’re paying for expensive comedian tickets, laughter is free and all around you. Kids are especially helpful for finding hysterical clips on the internet. Here’s a few links to get you started:

Put laughter on your to do list. It might just be the most important, life giving thing you do!