Game Plan for a Healthy Party Season

With the feast season in full force, opportunities for free-range, free-form, free-for-all face stuffing are endless. Although it’s fun and festive, there is a dark underbelly that no one is talking about. Well okay, everyone is talking about it, and it IS the underbelly. Our pants don’t like it, our dresses don’t like it, and neither do we. The only one that makes out in this situation is Spanx. So, if you are among those who are fearful of the dark underbelly taking over, we have some tips for enjoying the party season while keeping things within acceptable dimensions.

Before the party

  • Exercise at some point during the day.
  • Hydrate all day long – a mouthful of water every half hour (Bonus side effects: your skin will glow and you’ll be so energetic).
  • Eat a protein-rich meal or snack an hour before the party. A great option would be lentil soup because it’s high in protein, fiber, and fills you up.

At the party

  • Most importantly, your primary goal should be to fully enjoy the party!
  • But don’t make food the focal point.
  • Position yourself away from the buffet, so you don’t mindlessly munch all night long. Hand to mouth syndrome is real.
  • Hydrate throughout night with water between drinks (your future unhungover self will thank you).
  • Enjoy a few raw carrot sticks that are usually available with some dip or hummus. It might sound boring, but you’ll feel so much more satisfied, less bloated, and refreshed!
  • Taking a page out of Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Body”, when you go to the restroom, do 10 squats and 10 wall pushups! It’ll keep your muscles consuming fuel (instead the fat cells). It is also energizing, increases circulation, and helps to reduce appetite.

Après le soiree

  • Do an “intermittent fast” the next day, possibly by skipping breakfast, and not eating until you actually feel hungry. Do we even remember what that feels like?
  • Drink warm vegetable broth at any time during the day, even during the fast.
  • A green juice will revitalize you. Choose the one with the lowest grams of sugar. You can get these at Target and Starbucks even.
  • When you do eat a meal, let it be a healthy one. Eat mindfully and chew well.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Sweat profusely.

In fact, you can repeat the après le soiree section several days a week during party season with fantastic results! You may not even need our New Year Cleanse in 2018! Although it will take you to the next level!

What are your favorite healthy party tips? Share below!

Party well, my friends.

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