Get RAWsome this Summer!

Summer is DA BEST! We’ve got vacations, beaches, parties, cookouts, a more relaxed pace, sunshine and warmth… It can be downright blissful! And we’re so happy it’s here.

The only downside that we’re aware of is that by the end of August, previous cleansers are usually emailing us in droves asking when the fall cleanse is. Now, don’t get me wrong, we LOVE to hear from you all and love that you love our cleanse. But we’ve come to conclude that the summer is worse in terms of diet and weight gain than the holiday season. Who would’ve thought?

Imagine having an amazing summer and actually going into fall feeling more fabulous than ever before? You can!

In order to support you better through the summer, and share a way of eating that is actually thrilling, we have a totally RAWsome summer option for you! We’ve been low key about introducing it, because the whole program is low key in terms of structure and “rules”, but it is pretty spectacular in terms of how it can make you feel.

It is our Raw Rejuvenation program!

The goal is to introduce you in a very laid back way to the amazing, delicious, and life changing world of raw cuisine. Stay with me… It’s not carrots and celery sticks! It’s an extremely creative {and easy} way to prepare food without heat to better maintain the vibrant flavors and intense nutrition of your produce.

Raw food contains significantly more nutrients and is gentler on the body than cooked food. And you can really feel the difference.

When I am mostly raw, I have:

  •     More energy than I know what to do with
  •     Weight loss with out deprivation
  •     Glowing skin
  •     Unexplained joy
  •     A sense of aliveness and vibrancy
  •     Digestion perfection

And this is what most people experience, which is why raw foodists get a little fanatical. We won’t get fanatical in our program though. Our Raw Rejuvenation eBook provides easy to read background information and many simple delicious recipes that mostly don’t require any special equipment. We also send just one email per week for the summer, and daily support through our private Facebook group and email.

We’ll provide info, inspiration, and recipes to gradually up your raw quotient, and you’ll feel better and better the more you do. You choose your level of exploration. There are no rules or quilt. You just add some new delish dishes to your weekly repertoire, enjoy the parties and usual beverages the whole time. When you’re eating lots of raw food, the other “indulgences” don’t seem to detract from your well being as much. So really, it’s a perfect approach to feeling amazing without being strict or missing out on your favorite stuff. Also, it’s usually a smaller group than the regular cleanse, so the whole thing feels more intimate and relaxed.

We would truly be honored to introduce you to this dietary approach. It’s only $49, and you can start any time. Click here for more info and to register.

Image credit: Wuzy Pego

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