Gifts That Show How Much You Care

So many of the gifts we default to giving end up being just more stuff that that clutters already over crowded closets and cabinets or unhealthy “treats” that end up making our loved ones feel poorly. After helping my mother clean out her packed, moldy basement this fall, I’m feeling especially anti-stuff and endeavor to give gifts that are useful, experiential, and/or enhance wellness. Here’s a list of my best ideas. (This is an honest sharing – I’m not getting any kickbacks.)

  • Help them stay healthy… I got the Hamama sprouting kit for my own mama (and myself, to be perfectly honest). It’s an attractive kit that allows you to grow microgreens all year round in your own kitchen. Microgreens, especially from broccoli, are insanely good for you – helping to balance hormones, detoxify, reduce cancer risk, and more. Check it out!
  • Help them stay beautiful. I am absolutely loving Biossance squalane (made from amaranth) and Ann Marie Gianni’s anti aging serum. I can’t believe how soft they make my skin. This hyaluronic acid is meant to be ingested, but putting it on your skin plumps it up and helps it create collagen. Whole Foods has wonderful bulk soaps that are chemical free and smell like heaven – I especially love the lemongrass one.
  • Help them eat more plant based. The Buddhist Chef has wonderful plant based recipes that are easy to make and always delicious.
  • Improve health and lose weight with Dr Greger’s newly released How Not to Diet. This is a geek’s paradise of evidence based weight loss strategies.
  • Help them sleep soundly and relax with the amazing heavy blanket.There are many options available in terms of size, fill, and optional duvet cover. I recommend the glass bead fill.
  • Aromatherapy with candles… I highly recommend Way out Wax. They smell divine, and won’t poison your loved ones with toxic, synthetic fragrances.
  • Instead of boxes of disease-promoting treats, I love goodie bags with superfoods that you can even order right from Amazon – including things like raw cacao, turmeric, green powder, hemp seeds, coconut cookies that satisfy the sweet tooth but also fill you up, CCF tea which supports digestion, weight loss, and detoxification, sprouted organic oats, healthy, organic, dark chocolate, great organic green tea, goji berries to flavor your green tea and boost your antioxidants…
  • Help your loved ones detoxify their kitchens by gifting them a glass water bottle, better cookware like Green Pan (lower price) or Scan Pan (higher price), glass food storage containers, or reusable stretchy bowl covers.
  • A show, movie, massage, or gift card to a healthy restaurant.
  • Last but not least, gift them the Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse, where they will learn how to nourish and take care of their precious body, to improve health and lose weight the real, lasting way, and enjoy every step of the way!

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