Private Programs

We strive to provide the best support in cleansing during our group programs. However, you might prefer or benefit more from private, one on one support. If so, we got your back!

Premier Custom Cleanse

Although our group cleanses are very flexible and can benefit everyone, we can create a customized plan specifically to address your unique needs. This is essentially private coaching surrounding a cleanse. In this premier program, we begin with a 50-minute consultation (by phone or skype or in person if local to us), where we would discuss your health goals, challenges, lifestyle, current self care, and food preferences in great detail. Based on your needs, we would customize our cleanse, with a menu plan, shopping list, and any applicable additional recommendations, to help you efficiently overcome your challenges and meet your goals. Then we would have short (up to 25-minute) weekly check-ins each week during the cleanse. We can schedule your Premier Cleanse anytime that works for you. The cleanse usually takes 4 weeks, to allow for a luxurious, gentle pace, however the time frame can be adjusted by one or two weeks depending on your needs.

Included in the Premier Cleanse

  • 50-minute initial consultation at the beginning ($125 value)
  • One 25-minute consultation per week during the cleanse (up to $300 value)
  • Unlimited email support (priceless)
  • All of our group cleanse materials and recipes ($150)
  • Menu plan with shopping list to suit your preferences and nutritional needs ($125 value)
  • End of cleanse assessment and recommendations for moving forward ($125 value)
  • Timing according to your schedule (priceless)

Premier Cleanse Pricing

We are offering the Premier Cleanse for only $525 (compared to actual value of $825+). Contact Charlotte with any questions at

3 Month Program

Work one on one with Charlotte over the course of three months for customized, targeted guidance to help you set and achieve your wellness goals successfully and have fun while you’re doing it!

Is the 3 Month Program for You?

  • Setting and achieving wellness goals
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Staying on track & accountability
  • Menu planning
  • Preparing healthy, balanced meals at home
  • Getting your family loving healthy foods
  • Cultivating a healthy mindset
  • Mindfulness, stress reduction, exercise
  • Work/Life balance strategies
  • Healthy aging
  • Transitioning to a vegan or plant based diet
  • Educating & empowering you!
  • “Healthify” social engagements & eating out
  • Cleansing your kitchen
  • Getting you and the family comfortable in the kitchen
  • Addressing root causes rather than a band aid approach
  • Over phone/Skype or in person if local

What’s Included

  • Initial 50-minute consultation with Functional Medicine analysis ($150 value)
  • 5, bi-monthly 50-minute consultations over the next 3 months ($625 value)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions (priceless)
  • Suggestions and notes from each session
  • Supporting documentation and relevant resources
  • Staying on track with accountability + inspiration
  • End of program progress report and suggestions for moving forward


Charlotte is offering the 3 Month Program for only $525 (compared to actual value of $775+). Contact Charlotte with any questions at

Pre or Post Cleanse Consultation

We offer the best support in the cleansing world in our group programs! However, if you’d like a private consultation before or after the cleanse to discuss any special concerns or ways to optimize it for you unique circumstances, Charlotte is offering a single pre or post cleanse 50-minute consultation for only $75 (compared to usual private consultation cost of $125). Contact Charlotte with any questions at

Single Consultation

For a single 50-minute consultation to discuss nutrition, health, and general wellness (not before or after a cleanse), meet with Charlotte for $125. Contact Charlotte with any questions at

Private Yoga Classes

What’s Included

Private yoga instruction ensures the most effective approach for your unique wellness goals. Our 500-hour certified yoga instructors help you:

  • Ensure that you are practicing safely
  • Find the best alignment in each posture for your body
  • Strengthen and balance the body
  • Improve flexibility
  • Customize your practice based on your current needs
  • Develop an effective home practice
  • Learn powerful breathing techniques
  • Practice meditation
  • Reduce stress
  • Tackle challenging postures
  • Overcome obstacles

Private Yoga Rate

  • A single 60-minute private class $125 Contact Charlotte at to schedule your class.


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