You’ll Love This Meditation Series!

Two incredibly wise teachers have teamed up to create free, online 21-Day meditation experiences. Each day for 21 days, there is a new meditation for you that you access online or through their free app. Each meditation is less than 20 minutes. In each meditation, both Oprah and Deepak Chopra talk for a few minutes about a concept or experience before we meditate. This is probably my favorite part of the program. The content is so inspiring, rich, and calming. No matter what struggles I’m navigating, their words never fail to make me feel like “everything is already alright”. After their intros, Deepak gives us a mantra meditation. We repeat the mantra silently for maybe 10 minutes… and then you’re feeling focused and uplifted!

I loved the Hope in Uncertain Times program so much that I bought it, and have done it several times since then. I will return to it often in the future.

Their next meditation program begins on October 30, 2017. Click here to sign up! If you’re reading this after the program has begun, get on their mailing list or like them on Facebook so you’re notified of the next program. It seems they run them a few times a year.

Om Shanti

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